Oulanka River Canoeing - Down part

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The Oulanka River route from Mataraniemi to Jäkälämutka has been hailed as the most enchanting paddling route in Europe! Some even describe it as "Canada in Europe." To truly appreciate its beauty, you must experience it for yourself.

There are multiple spots along the route where you can take a break, get out of your canoe, and relax. This allows you to fully immerse yourself in the natural wonders and enchanting views of the park. Come and discover the magic of the Oulanka River
– an unforgettable adventure awaits!

Weekly programme July - September 2024

Daily self-guided trips

Short route 8 km (paddling 2-3 hours) or
Full route 24 km (paddling 6-7 hours)

100 €/person, children 5-12 yers 60 €/person

The price includes:
- transportation from Basecamp Oulanka to the starting point (~ 30 min) and from the end point back to Basecamp Oulanka (~ 1 hour)
- equipment of your choice:  a canoe (for 2 people), kayak, SUP board, or a packraft
- paddles, vests, dry bag, map, and safety instructions
- guide at the starting point to ensure safe start and giving last tips for the trip

- packed lunch 16 €/adult, 10 €/child

Book this activity by phone or e-mail latest the day before.